Articles by Adam Mill

Is the Wuhan Virus Being Used as a Pretext to Stop Gun Sales?

re governments using the COVID-19 epidemic as an excuse to slow or stop gun sales? A little-noticed announcement from the FBI this week may soon enable bureaucratic inertia to delay legal gun sales indefinitely. As uncertainty surrounding the social impacts of the Wuhan virus mounts, Americans increasingly have looked to exercise their rights under the […]

No Liberty Until No Death?

an’s struggle for freedom is at least as old as the archetypal story of Moses leading his people out of bondage. Free will and freedom have always come at a cost. Yet in the last month, we have seen a sudden, though we hope temporary, surrender of freedoms in the country that has always paid […]

Government Disgrace in Marquee Russian ‘Election Interference’ Case

fter nearly nine months of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team rushing around with subpoenas and search warrants, people were beginning to ask questions. Where were the indictments? The answer came at last on February 16, 2018, when a gleeful Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein gave a dramatic press conference proudly announcing the indictment of 13 […]

2009 Stimulus Was an Ineffective Tidal Wave of Nothing

he White House has now proposed a massive $850 billion stimulus package. This money should not be wasted on special interests or unrelated social priorities. In 2009, Congress passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The law called for approximately $550 billion in new spending. The money included an additional $144 billion in transfer payments […]

What I Saw at Biden’s Kansas City Rally

oe Biden’s presidential campaign set its rally Saturday at the summit of the liberty memorial in the heart of Kansas City. The access road to the nation’s World War I museum passes through a rectangular park that stretches nearly a quarter-mile. The line of people hoping to attend ran the length of the road. An […]

There Are No Checks and Balances: FISA Must Be Scrapped

he biography of Hernán Cortés recounts an early incident in his expedition when he smashed native idols in full view of thousands of armed warriors. The idols, the natives believed, commanded them to endure grotesque sacrifices including the blood of their children on the Aztec altars. The natives at first overwhelmed with grief and terror […]

The Coming Coronavirus Stagflation

How should you position yourself to prepare for the coming financial upheaval that may result from the coronavirus? The coronavirus already has caused a supply shock that we have yet fully to comprehend. We can’t look into the future but we can look at the past. One possible way the interruption of Chinese manufactured goods […]