Articles by Eric Lendrum

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wants Coronavirus Cash Relief to go to Illegal Aliens

Socialist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) made clear her dissatisfaction with the coronavirus stimulus package passed by the Senate this week, saying that the cash relief should also be sent to illegal aliens, according to Breitbart. The $2 trillion stimulus package – the largest such stimulus package in American history – most prominently includes a provision […]

Washington Post Doxxes Man Who Wants America’s Economy to Reopen

The Washington Post recently posted an article containing personal information about a man who simply tweeted that he believed the American economy should eventually reopen from the coronavirus-induced shutdown, thus exposing him to left-wing backlash. Among the personal information outed by the Post about Scott McMillan was his age, his occupation, and the city where […]

Several States Halt Abortion Practices During Coronavirus Outbreak

As the coronavirus spreads across the country, several states have resorted to ordering a temporary ban on abortion procedures and the shuttering of abortion clinics, with some even threatening jailtime or fines for violating such bans, according to Politico. Three states in particular have cracked down on abortion during the pandemic: Ohio, Texas, and Mississippi. […]

Biden Apologizes for Insulting President Trump on MSNBC

In an interview with MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden attacked President Trump several times over the handling of the coronavirus outbreak, only to apologize after every insult, as reported by Breitbart. First criticizing President Trump over what Biden considered a slow pace on shipping out medical supplies, such as ventilators and surgical […]

Left-Wing Professors Worry About Courses Being Reported on More Easily Due to Online Shift

With the spread of the coronavirus, virtually all college and university classes have shifted to being taught online in “virtual classrooms.” This has led to a fear among left-wing academics that their lectures, particularly politically-biased ones, can be recorded and reported on more easily by conservative websites, according to The Epoch Times. One such professor, […]

Vice Article Claims ‘Lifesaving’ Transgender Surgeries are Delayed by Coronavirus

A recent article in Vice claims that “transgender” Americans are being denied sex-change surgeries due to the spread of the coronavirus, inhibiting a process that the article claims is “life-saving,” as reported by Breitbart. The article is titled “As hospitals prepare for COVID-19, life-saving trans surgeries are delayed.” In the article, a handful of “transgender” […]

Hundreds of Mexican Border-Crossers Allowed to Pass due to Claiming to be Going Shopping

Despite President Trump issuing a lockdown on non-essential travel between the United States and Mexico, some lower-level officials in Customs and Border Protection are defying his order and allowing many border-crossers to pass at checkpoints, according to the Washington Examiner. CBP employees in Arizona claimed that they were ordered by their direct superiors to ignore […]