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Joe Biden: My IQ Is Higher Than Your IQ

Joe Biden: Folks, I am glad to be here in Las Vegas, New Mexico, with you. New Mexico is a terrific state, one of the 12 states that originally came together to form the United States back in 1876. I have been here, in your state, many times, and each time I am impressed by […]

Biden Is a Failure at Retail Politics

Last week, I published an article discussing the 90-person Biden “rally” in Ottumwa, Iowa on December 21. Broadly, the idea was to look at how Biden’s retail politicking skills have improved (or not) over the last six months from the perspective of drawing crowds of supporters. Given that we can no longer trust the pollsters, […]

The Front-Runner’s
Big Iowa Rally

Six months ago, I wrote about the mystery of the Joe Biden campaign—or, perhaps, “campaign” would be a better way to put it. According to polls at the time, Barack Obama’s vice president had roughly 30 percent of the Democratic electorate in his corner. Doing some simple math, and given that the population of the […]

A Liberal Pundit’s Utter Lack of Self-Awareness

Wednesday morning, as I was eating my breakfast of blueberries and raspberries, and getting ready to walk my Schnoodle on the Florida beach, I came across this piece by Damon Linker in The Week: “The GOP is Ruthless.” The title alone got me excited—after all, it’s about time we got some ruthlessness going! It’s about […]